InJung Oh


InJung Oh
Volossom XI: Secret Garden
Oils on canvas
30″ x 40″

Volossom is a continuation of King and I, where flowers, petals, and stamen is symbolized as life, existence, continuation, mortality, and rejuvenation of the subject. “Volossom”, a term created by Oh, means “Blossom as a manifestation of wish and will.” The flowers form a symbol of positivity against adversity, of perseverance. Oh suggests the importance of the human spirit as an uncompromising reality, offering a unique artistic point and worldview. Each Volossom figure is a representation of different desires and wishes. Oh uses the various colors and shapes as visual language to represent how each individual Volossom has its own personalities and experiences. This exhibition hopes to encourage its viewers to begin their spiritual journeys and find their own Volossoms.


InJung Oh is a Korean-American artist and graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago, 2009, where she received a Master’s of Fine Arts. Her works have been shown in Chicago’s Zhou B Art Center where Oh is currently an artist in residence, as well as in numerous national and international collections. As a female artist of dual identities, East and West, Oh naturally identifies with the complexity of societal and hierarchical issues and uses symbolism to expound on her own experiences in intercultural society, such issues forming a focal point and building block for creativity and inspiration.



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