Luis Sahagun


Luis Sahagun
Persiguiendo Una Estrella
Acrylic, spray paint, charcoal, assembled with found materials
8ft x 32”x 6ft

Persiguiendo Una Estrella (In pursuit of a star) is a series of sculptures that are constructed with curved plywood chairs, found wood, bricks, metal, acrylic, oil, spray paint, cardboard, and other objects.  These sculptures continue to exhibit a DIY aesthetic that is cohesive with my previous work.

I enjoy creating my art spontaneously and improvising with whatever materials are at hand.  This action allows an automatic stream of creation to occur (similar to that of Surrealist automatism). Persiguiendo Una Estrella speaks about the perils of the pursuit for a better life and/or social mobility.  The chair is placed in a manner that implies a crawling figure.  Wood and bricks lay above the chairs back, while gravity pulls the weight downwards creating a heavy burden.  When treated as a triptych the individual sculptures become a family.  A family in search for betterness.


Born, in Guadalajara, Mexico, 1982.  Education, Northern Illinois University MFA Candidate, 2015, Southern Illinois University, BFA; Industrial Design; Minors in Art History & Marketing, 2006. Selected Exhibitions, I American, Water Street Studios, Batavia, IL, 17th Annual No Dead Artist, Jonothan Ferrera Gallery, New Orleans, LA, Appetite for Destruction, Fulton Street Collective, Chicago, IL , Grand Opening, Ripple Gallery Co, Hammond, IN. Selected Bibliography, New American Paintings, MFA edition, Issue #111, The 13 Best Art Exhibits in Chicago this Month, Chicago Magazine, June 7th, 2013.  Awards, Northern Illinois University Fellowship, Jack & Eleanor Olson Art Painting Scholarship, Jeffrey Lunsford Fellowship Alternate, Jurors choice award at Visual Arts Gallery- Juror Jason Foumberg.


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