Pia Cruzalegui


Subspecies Synergia (2013-2017)
Video – Repurposed archival footage and photographs


The work looks back and re-imagines memories of the city I once called home, interprets the experience of soul searching as a young immigrant, and the adjustment and acceptance to the conditions of a new life, in a new setting.

As with most children and teens that migrate, the decision to become an expatriate from the homeland is often done by the parents. Uprooted from it, this work tells a story of interrupted childhood dreams, unprecedented life events, coming-of-age and revival into womanhood in a my new home. It is a story of life, migration, love, hope and trust.

Central to my artwork is the dialogue and perception of memory, time and space. I observe and deconstruct this perception by amplifying images to represent experiences in a fragmented narrative. Video as an art medium provides an alternative away from traditional narrative and invites the viewer to a sensorial experience.


Pi­a Cruzalegui is a Peruvian artist and curator based in Chicago. Her work focuses on the tensions, interruptions, displacements and inadequacies associated with culture, politics,  and socio-economics surfacing from the ethnic experiences as an immigrant. Central to her work is the subconscious dialogue brought forward by memory, time and space, and the observance and deconstruction of this perception by amplifying images as gestures to present a fragmented narrative.

Pia received an MFA in Studio Practice from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, holds degrees in Communications: Film and Multimedia, and Latin American Studies from Florida Atlantic University, and Architectural Design from Miami Dade College.


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