Michael Klaus Schmidt


Michael Klaus Schmidt
Acrylic pant & glue on masonite
30” x 40”


Michael Klaus Schmidt
Moroccan Mint
Acrylic pant & glue on masonite
30” x 40”

I was honored when Rohina asked me to produce a series of paintings based on her play, “Unveiled.”  My artwork is usually very personal, and quite small, so these five paintings about a play, at 40 x 30 inches, were a unique challenge for me.  I wanted them to reference the play, but I also thought they should be able to stand alone as pieces of fine art.  The result is the five paintings you can see reproduced in this book.

I used the play’s metaphor of tea (and coffee in the case of Inez) to link each painting to one of the play’s characters.  I also incorporated some other aspect of each monologue into the work.  A person who has seen the play will no doubt be able to determine which painting refers to which character, as long as they were paying attention.  However, these paintings have also developed a life of their own.  I was invited to show two of them, Kashmiri Chai and Sage, at the Chicago Cultural Center in October of 2012.  Also, Sage and Kahwa Saidi have also been included in an exhibition at Water Street Studios in Batavia Illinois in January of 2014.  All five paintings have also been exhibited along with performances of the play “Unveiled” on several occasions.


Michael Klaus Schmidt is an award winning artist and illustrator. Originally from Germany, but raised in the Chicago area, his work has appeared in shows around the country and internationally, including Chicago, San Francisco, London, Toronto, New Orleans and more. He is a member of the Elmhurst Artists’ Guild, and has taught art to children grades K-8. Currently, Michael is working as a freelance artist and illustrator.


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